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Our skilled professionals work closely with esteemed physical and occupational therapists to implement personalized exercise regimens focused on enhancing flexibility, balance, and coordination. Their attention to detail is evident as they address specific challenges like tiptoe walking, mitigating fall risks, and fostering improved mobility. As the disease progresses, our team adeptly introduces assistive devices tailored to individual needs, promoting independence and safety. In the later stages, our caregivers extend their support to essential daily tasks such as feeding and meal preparation, showcasing adaptability and empathy.


ADA provides compassionate care for your loved ones with Parkinson’s in the comfort of their own home. Our dedicated team of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) is committed to providing not only personalized support, medication management, meal preparation, and creating a safe and familiar environment to prevent falls but also offering a holistic approach to living well with Parkinson’s. PSWs are trained to assist with challenges such as tremors and muscle stiffness in daily activities. From engaging activities to thoughtful companionship, we tailor our services to enhance the quality of life for those navigating Parkinson. Choose PSW for expert, in-home care that prioritizes dignity, respect, and well-being.

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