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All our community-based instructors have been trained by certified dance movement therapists with specialized knowledge and experience in dance as therapy for Parkinson’s and dementia. One of our advisors and master trainers, Dr. Rebecca Barnstaple, earned her PhD at York University investigating the neurobiological effects of dance, and is now mapping improvisatory movement practices and their medicinal properties as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, University of Guelph.


Dance for Health: Seniors is a province-wide program of Dance Nova Scotia. Through this initiative, a network of 15 dance and movement instructors across Nova Scotia to offer regular in-person classes at the community level. Neurological research demonstrates that, in addition to moving the joints and toning the muscles, gentle dance movement to music, done on a regular basis, improves balance and gait, and can stabilize and even slow the progression of neurological conditions like Parkinson’s. For seniors living in remote and rural communities without easy access to a community class, an online version of our program will be available on YouTube by Spring 2024.

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