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We have clients with a range of chronic conditions and diseases, including Parkinson’s. We have rigorous vetting requirements and only accept professional caregivers with a certain level of senior care experience. As such, our roster is well trained and familiar with the symptoms of Parkinson’s and are handling our clients with Parkinson’s well.


We are an integrated marketplace and care management platform to help families find, hire and manage pre-vetted caregivers to keep an aging loved one at home. We are similar to a modern placement agency but use technology to help families find the most suitable candidates quickly and offer a range of tools for the family to manage and monitor the care remotely.

Our process starts with learning about our clients’ needs, and then producing a shortlist of pre-screened caregivers. The client interviews the candidates and gets to choose the caregiver they feel is the best fit. After the hire, we help them manage and monitor the services being provided.

Our platform is ideal for those who want to hire a caregiver directly but do not want the administrative hassle of finding and vetting the person nor the ongoing payment and payroll obligations, as we help the families with all the administrative tasks as well.

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