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Area of expertise

Rock Steady Boxing certified coach, and affiliate owner.
8 years experience working with people with Parkinson’s
14 years working in the Health Care
Certified coach & Personnel training large & small groups


Our combination of in-person and online group training programs helps our community of people living with Parkinson’s move around inside and outside the gym more safely. Rock Steady Boxing coaches combine cardio, core, strength, fine motor skills and boxing techniques in each group workout to help improve balance, strength and mobility. Because of this, Rock Steady Boxers are able to move around independently for longer. We’re not training for championship belts, we’re training to be able to pick up grandchildren, pet a dog, play a round of golf or pick up laundry from the floor. Rock Steady Boxers train for a better quality of life.


For people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Have your medical practitioner sign the medical form and complete a one-on-one personal intake assessment to determine your specific training needs.

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13274 Ilderton Rd, Ilderton, ON N0M 2A0
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(548) 388-2020

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